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Set any scene | automation on schedule or conditions

Voice Command

Power lights or appliances with Google Home or Alexa at your command

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Stay Smart with Simon Smart

Simon Smart is designed to offer you a practical and simple life, which enable you to fully control the lighting, entertainment, environment, security and energy of your house.

At Your Fingertips

Simon Smart adapts to your lifestyle, and makes it easier and comfortable for you through a simple way. Simon goes one steps further offering an interface that improve the performance of your habitat, giving you the key to enter IoT world.

What's New - Simon Track Solution

Simon Track Socket - Less space, more outlets
- Freely reposition, flexible adaptation
- Sleek design, easy maintenance
- Triple design, 100% safety.

Simon Smart i7

A conventional switch capable of turning your house into a smart home.


    It's pure shape makes it as simple and elegant as a piano. Being launched in the market over 7 years, It has proved itself that it can fit perfectly with multiple interior design.


    The base is made from steel materials, which has high strength and no deformation to ensure always a perfect installation. The paint on steel base makes it isolated and anti-corrosion.


    You can achieve more practical control, such as voice control, scenario, multi-control or automation.


    Simon app allows you to login from multiple device, share with multiple users, receive notifications and more.

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